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The New Mexico Music Band History, along with were the first websites I created in the late 1990's. I moved those pages over to this blog format in 2017 and will be updating in 2018.

Over the years I have had many comments that I have missed many New Mexico Bands - such as Brazada, Fat City, Purple Haze, Spinning Wheel, Zozobra, Freddy Chavez Foundation, The Charms, The Checkers, Al Hurricane and The Nightrockers, The Monkey Men, The Mud, Doc Rand and The Purple Blues, Hereafter, Jeremy Benthem Four, Morticians, Pallbearers, Berry's, Barnaby, Magic Sam, Planets, Cadillac Bob and the Rhinestones,The Plague,Bits and Pieces, Cartoon Capers, Cellar Dwellers, Nomads, Piggy Bank, Plain Jane, etc, etc, etc

As I have always said - you provide me the info, bio and pictures and I will add to this band history.  Just send to

Tom 'NMMitch' Mitchell - 2017


  1. It's sad that you don't list the Wickhams! Lewie and Hank Wickham totally deserve to be on here for so many reasons!

  2. Thank you Mitch for sharing our NM Musical Memories with our young and old music lovers.

  3. Best band during the 1960'. Monkey Men sold out every time they played. Best band of the 60's in Albuquerque.

  4. remember hard attack? in 85 and 86?

    1. I totally remember Hard Attack!! They played a gig in the living room of my parents' house for my older sister's birthday party, sometime in 1984 or 1985. I was in eighth grade at the time. My sister was a total prep, straight laced, the whole nine..and I was a rocker chick. My sister and my parents thought they were hiring an 80's pop rock band, but to their dismay (and my delight), Hard Attack was a loud, in your face rock band. As a matter of fact, they played so loud that night that you could hear the music all the way down the road from my house!! My sister was so embarrassed about the situation...but meanwhile, my friends and I stood in front of their enormous stacked speakers and rocked the fuck out. This is a good memory.


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