Angel Edge

Kirk Barrows, Eddie Garcia, Kenny Romero, Renaldo Guillen, Rumaldo Ortiz

Band was formed in 1989 and went on to receive the coveted Coors sponsorship immediately after Joe Maloof heard our demo tape. There were quite a number of bands vying for the sponsorship at the time until they heard our demo. The band received airplay on rock stations in Albuquerque New Mexico, Dallas Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, and Los Angeles California, and played many concerts to promote Coors as well as some charity events. The band received some label interest and at the 1990 NMMIC Awards, where they won Best Musical Production Rock / Metal and People’s Choice award; Dexter Moore of BMI discussed recording possibilities with their producer, but the band was dissolved before anything transpired.

The guitarist songwriter / composer Rumaldo Ortiz wrote all the music and wrote or co-wrote all the lyrics with producer Wayne Dotson. The core group consisted of Rumaldo Ortiz;lead and rhythm guitars and vocals, Kenny Romero;Lead Singer, and Eddie Garcia Drums. Rumaldo played bass on the album as well as some keyboards and sang lead vocals on two of the songs. Various other musicians were used for live shows, the first of which was as opener for Starship for the Concert In The Pines series of concerts in Santa Fe. The final band line-up consisted of Rumaldo, Kenny, Eddie, Renaldo Guillen;rhythm guitars / keyboards, and backing vocals, and Kirk Barrows;bass guitar.

Angel Edge

Photos and Information provided by Rumaldo Ortiz


  1. New! Rare live performance footage w/ full songs on YT now. Google (or on YT), search: Rumaldo Ortiz - Angel Edge. Performing for Toys For Tots Benefit presented by the Maloof family, Coors, Harley Davidson and others.

    1. Hi Rumaldo, I would like to get in contact with you about a possible Angel Edge record release.

  2. Hello Philipe,
    I appreciate the interest, however there's no more band and the music industry is such that there is zero money to be made in music unless you want to beat yourself up and travel to unknown little town pubs in Germany and other obscure locations in lesser visited countries like Ryan McGarvey does; who probably ends up losing money in the process. It would be hard to convince me that he's sold more than maybe 1000 CDs in his entire career, plus he doesn't evolve or have a unique style of note IMO. He's a pedestrian talent at best. Purely mechanical player with zero real soul or feel or musicality. He keeps playing the same old SRV wannable tired old blues-rock licks. 3-5 songs and I've heard his entire repertoire as each song sounds the same. He can't play here in the states and draw a crowd especially not New Mexico unless he's tied to Bonamassa's hip as a show opener. I can't stand Bonamassa either. Both a couple of wankers. He'd (McGarvey), be lucky to draw a dozen people at best on his own. I know 'cause I've been to see him a couple times and the people were there to eat or play pool (we met at a restaurant pool hall brewery in SF), and he asked me to sit in sometime; so the snub at the 2007 awards was not something I expected.

    I guess by now it's pretty evident I can't stand the kid. No real talent. Just a wanker with no tasteful interpretive playing. Interestingly enough. I just entered the N.M. Music Awards for the first time since 2018 having beat Ryan McGarvey that year with two finalists out of five being my blues instrumentals to his one vocals blues finalist. This after he snubbed me at the 2017 awards like I was invisible or something. He won in 2017, but I told him he'd better bring it the next year. I made the finals in 2017 but had been suffering with severe tinnitus for six months so my "mixing" ears were affected. I first entered in 1990 and swept the Metal category with four of five finalist songs being mine and song winner title was Broken Hearts & Shattered Dreams - Joe Maloof's favorite song. Then my mom passed away in 2001 and I refused to touch my guitar for five years. I finally decided to put in music (blues guitar instrumental as I don't sing blues), how that felt to lose her and tried to convey in my playing what it felt like to lose the most important person in my life. The song title is Won't Ever Be The Same. I'm a smooth jazz / blues guitar solo artist for years now since the band dissolved in 1993 or so and I don't need any local musicians for smooth jazz or blues (or any music really), with today's technology. I'll just hire top notch players from all over the states / world for any parts I don't want to play. As for the Angel Edge Revisited CD, I have an open invite to distribute my music throughout Europe and Japan through GerMusica's Birgitt Schwanke. She loves the Angel Edge Revisted CD even now, and only said I need at least 12 songs to land a distributorship, but in reality, no one buys music anymore IMO. Not even downloads. People are too cheap and the'd rather steal music. Anyway as a thanks for your interest and if you managed to read this wall of text / mini epic, here's a download of most all my recorded music including live cuts with songs never recorded and only performed live during the short live Angel Edge band days. Pretty good metal musicians out there, so my tune may not do so well, but my production is up there especially with a multi gold multi platinum award winning producer helping me decide which mix to enter.
    You can check out his metal music under Paul Sabu - Bangkok Rules. one of his last metal CDs from a couple years back. That's a good example of the production on my song, especially the drums.
    All the best, Rumaldo
    Download link

  3. Just to clarify a typo. Where I indicate 2017 I meant 2007...Sorry for any confusion. I swept the metal category in 1998, won Best Blues Song in 2006 after not touching a guitar for 5 years after my mom passed away, then in 2007 I had a finalist in Best Blues and in Best Instrumental Song categories, but as I mention above, I had severe 24/7 tinnitus (like I want to go put a bullet in my head serious), so my "mixing ears" suffered' but still managed to get two category finalists. Then the next year 2008, I won against McGarvey's vocal song with two finalists being my blues guitar instrumental tunes in the Best Blues category: 222 Blues (pronounced Two Twenty Two Blues, and 'For The Love of Blues', so 2 out of the five Best Blues Song finalists in 2008 were mine with 222 Blues being the winning song.


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