Teenage Acappella Quintet

1984 Caddies
These are the five that recorded the acappella album on a local label.
The were all from El Dorado High School.

1984 -  Brothers Three Lounge - Rio Rancho NM
Ron Crowder, Chandra Bennett, Kristi Jones, David Breidenback, Angela Rivers

1984 - Madrid Jazz Festival

1985 - Popejoy Hall

1985 - LP Cover
Chandra Bennett, Angela Rivers, David Breidenback, Kristi Jones, Ron Crowder
The Caddies Album Cover Photo
Released September 1985

1985 - 1986
These were the five that sang at the
United in Group Harmony Association (UGHA) show July 1985

and who performed on
Don K. Reed's Doo Wopp Shop - WCBS-FM - LIVE August 1985 - NYC-NY

Kris Werhle, Angela Rivers, Kristi Jones, David Breidenback, Ron Crowder

With Don K. Reed - Doo Wopp Shop - WCBS-FM - August 25, 1985

With Norm N. Nite - Doo Wopp Shop - WCBS-FM - August 25, 1985

At Vincents in Little Italy


Ron Crowder, Kristi Jones, Kris Werhle, Devonne Douglas, David Breidenback

Photos and Information provided by Thomas J. Mitchell