Jimmy Baca, Daryl Piper, Pat Sanchez, Jerry Perea, Manuel Ortiz, Larry Morales

Studio One

Manuel Ortiz and Jerry Perea started the group, which had only 4 members. Joey Ansi on drums, Pat Sanchez on bass, Manuel Ortiz on guitar and Jerry Perea on sax. We ended up with 7 members with the addition of keyboards, trumpet and congas (Larry Morales), and trombone (Daryl Piper). We played at various places like the Far West Club, Latin Quarter, Civic Auditorium - opening for Tower of Power, Fox Hunter, Studio One, Annex II, Neds on Central, Friars East, Friars Pub, Kimo Theater, and Graham Central Station - opening for James Brown. Flipside also played throughout the states of New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. Although Flipside was a part time group, (we all had regular jobs), many people considered us to be full time. We saw many changes in personnel, but the main nucleus always remained.

Other members that saw action with Flipside:

Drums - Jimmy Baca, Irvy Armendales, Amael Carejo,
Keyboards - Joe Sanchez, Ron Lucero, Greg Woodfinn, Ramirio (Ram), Pete Cockcruff
Bass - Frank ????, Danny Trujillio, Mark Fowler
Sax - Louie Soto

FlipSide at the Kimo for KUNM Benefit - 1978

Rehearsal at Manuel's House

Before Our First Gig
at the
Breakaway Club on Kirtland AFB

After the Battle of the Bands

Cellar Night Club
Durango Colorado

 Opening for James Brown

Info and pictures provided by - Jerry Perea - June 2006


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